Friday, February 15, 2013

WSO2 App Factory Preview

Yesterday WSO2 announced the public preview of WSO2 App Factory  beta on their annual conference WSO2Con 2013.You can access App Factory  here

In order to login to the App Factory you have to be a registered user in WSO2 Oxygen Tank.If you are still not a registered user,click get started button it will direct you to

After success full login you can create new application.

Each Application creation will create a git repository for you with skeleton Maven project.Edit the Maven project to include your changes and push to git repository.App Factory will build your project and deploy to development cloud using Jenkins.
Press goto buid server button in build tab to go to App FactoryJenkins CI.

Use same username and password to login into Jenkins CI.

To manually tricker a build use build button in builds page.

Observe notification panel to know the build status if you do not want to go to Jenkins.

Go to repository tab to create new versions of application.

Manage your application versions through various stage in governance tab.

Download logs of your applications in various stages(dev,test,staging and prod) in same tab.

Invite new users to other registered users through user administration tab

Manage your issues in Redmine.

Create new databases and associate those with data sources in configure resource tab.

Subscribe to APIs or create new APIs using WSO2 API Manager and use those in your application.

Create new properties as a resource in WSO2 Governance registry and use that in your application.

Note that in all case you will get complete isolation between resources across different stages.
Play with preview and report any issues or new features in

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