Sunday, December 23, 2012

WSO2 App Factory v1.0.0 M8

Recently WSO2 App Factory team released their 8th mile stone[Release mail]. This may be the pre alpha release.You can down load preconfigured VM from here.
Lets look at the new features of this release briefly.

1. Now users can create applications either with svn or git repository:In the VM a Apache server based svn deployment and Gitblit based git deployments are available .User can select preferred repository type while creating application.The Jenkins job also will be configured automatically according to users' selected repository type.

2.Integration of Human Task:While user submit registration from we can configure App Factory to fire a human task to get approval from an admin.This feature is valuable in the environment where strict approval process is needed. Refer this blog post for further information. 

3.New Gadgets:There are two new gadgets to view application event stream and search applications.

4.Log download:There is a way to download logs from build ui. App Factory uses WSO2 Stratos logging frame work to collect and display logs.With this release log download links is provided.

5.Improved Build and Deploy model:Ability to tag a build is provided and the default artefact storage is moved into Jenkins side.There is a REST api is exposed from the Jenkis to deploy a built artifact to a server.All the Jenkins plugins are merged into one "appfactory-plugin" and fixed some problem while deploying Jenkins in master slave mode.

Ok ,now the time to look at some new features that may come with next(probably Alpha) release.

 *Integration with GitHub :There will be Github based repository provider.
 *Artifact deployment with WSO2 Stratos 2 : Final Artifact deployment model will be with WSO2 Appserver Cartridge cluster.WSO2 recently released Stratos Alpha,this is a completely different cloud Linux lxc container based architecture.
*And more..
That's all  for now ,Wait for next release...