Sunday, May 1, 2011

Google Summer Code 2011

I got selected Google Summer Code 2011 this time.I am very proud to be one of the thousand students who are selected this time for this project.I submitted only one proposal to OpenMRS early as possible and i got good response from the mentors.So i got confident and avoid to submit any more proposals.


OpenMRS is a web based open source enterprise medical recording system completely written using J2EE technology.It is used all over the world specially in developing world where the healthcare is facing resource constraints.
While i was  searching on how can i improve my coding skill i realized that contributing an open source project is the best way.I selected couple of organizations including OpenMRS.As time goes i was very comfortable with OpenMRS because they are very active community throughout the year and they have very good system to assist new comers.After joining the community i solved couple of tickets and developed a module called CleaningVoided.During this time my learning curve was very sharply rising.
As Google announced the GSOC program ,i decided to participate in the program and prepared a good proposal for idea "Enabling Smart Apps in OpenMRS ".Finaly i got selected and got a chance to contribute community further.Now i specially thanking the community for their valuable help they provided me to achive this.By the way this is only staring point ,in my view the success of this program is achieved at the end of the program when the people are using my code.
The proposal i submitted can be found here.
                                                    "Write Code. Save Lives"

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